The purpose of the Alliance for Good Government is to foster, protect and promote the welfare and interest of the citizens of the State of Louisiana by bringing together thinking citizens into an organization to promote public policies which benefit the New Orleans Metropolitan area, the State of Louisiana and the United States of America. The purpose is also to research and inform the public on any issues that relate to taxes, bonds, amendments, etc. This will be done as part of the Alliance for Good Government's endorsement process in each parish and voted on by each parish with the President’s supervision. Each month, each President will be responsible in his or her parish to run informed luncheons or meetings, for the following purposes: educating the members and/or guests on the purposes of the Alliance for Good Government; inviting elected officials to speak about any particular issues that may affect that parish; and at the same time, encouraging any guests to become new members for that parish and the Alliance for Good Government; to create and maintain an active organization of public-minded citizens and to use the intelligence and influence of its members to invoke legal means and personal persuasion to start legislation encouraging good government and to use the intelligence and influence of citizens to actively engage in the promotion and election of public officials who are dedicated to the common good, efficient government and integrity; to inform and aid all citizens interested in effective and efficient government in the selection and election of candidates for public office and to generally promote a high standard of intelligence, honesty, independence and imagination in the electorate;to promote and carry on any and all lawful activities which may be directed toward or directly for the purpose of fulfilling the above stated objectives and purposes of the organization not stated above. The above stated purpose/objectives of the organization shall not be held to limit or restrict, in any manner, the powers and privileges conferred on this corporation by the Constitution and Laws of Louisiana.


TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ALLIANCE FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT: Please see our "Membership" page for our Membership Application 

Our 2015 Legislator of the Year Banquet is September 12, 2015.   For tickets please print and submit a ticket request form. 

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