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Our Mission


The purpose of the Alliance for Good Government is to foster, protect and promote the welfare and interest of the citizens of the State of Louisiana by bringing together thinking citizens into an organization to promote public policies which benefit the New Orleans Metropolitan area, the State of Louisiana and the United States of America. The purpose is also to research and inform the public on any issues that relate to taxes, bonds, amendments, etc. This will be done as part of the Alliance for Good Government’s endorsement process in each parish and voted on by each parish with the President’s supervision.


Once a member is accepted by the board of directors and stays active for six meetings, they may become an executive member. A member must pay his/her dues, attend monthly meetings and forums, participate in campaign activities organized on the behalf of endorsed candidate’s and assist in making the banquet a success.

For further information on membership contact the Chapter President for your area.



Elections Update

The Orleans Chapter of The Alliance for Good Government encourages all registered voters to participate in the upcoming elections for political candidates seeking office in Orleans Parish.

Early Voting: March 12th – March 19th
(Excluding Sunday, March 13th)

Election Day: March 26th


Endorsed Candidates


St. Tammany Parish

The St. Tammany Chapter of The Alliance for Good Government is proud to support the following candidate in the upcoming election. All registered voters are asked to consider the following candidate for good government:






Endorsements for the March 26, 2022 Election Cycle




Glynn Pichon
Slidell, Council Member At-Large
Ballot #10

Trey Brownfield III

Thomas “Trey” Brownfield
Slidell, Council Member, District F
Ballot #19

Previously Endorsed Candidates

Ellen Creel_200x250

Ellen Creel
Judge, 22nd Judicial District Court,
Division J
Ballot #74

Warren Montgomery_200x250

Warren Montgomery
District Attorney,
22nd Judicial District Court
Ballot #76

Robert Bruno_200x250

Robert Bruno
Justice of the Peace, Ward 1
Ballot # 78

amy murphree_200x250_01

Amy Murphree
Justice of the Peace, Ward 1
Ballot #80

Susan T. Leonard_200x250

Susan Leonard
Justice of the Peace, Ward 4
Ballot #81

Anne Thompson_200x250

Anne Thompson
Justice of the Peace, Ward 4
Ballot #83


Joseph Tosterud
Justice of the Peace, Ward 5
Ballot #85

Michael Tassin, Jr._200x250
Michael A. Tassin, Jr.
Justice of the Peace, Ward 8
Ballot # 87

Marcus King
Constable Justice of the Peace, Ward 2
Ballot #89


Darryl Taylor
Constable Justice of the Peace, Ward 4
Ballot #95

Jonathan Witman_200x250

Jonathan Witman
Constable Justice of the Peace, Ward 4
Ballot #97

lee williams PIC_200x250

Lee Williams III
Constable Justice of the Peace, Ward 6
Ballot #99

Pat Brister 2019 Headshot - CMYK - print

Pat Brister
Parish President

Sheriff Randy Smith Official Headshot_1

Randy Smith


Harold Bartholomew
Judge, 22nd JDC, Div. F


Rykert Toledano
Council Member District 5


Richard Tanner
Council Member District 6


James “Jimmie” Davis
Council Member District 7

Richard Nelson

Richard Nelson
State Rep., District #89


Mary DuBuisson
State Rep., District 90

John Martin

John Martin
Council Member District 3


Phillip Bedwell
State Rep., District #75

Blanchard, Michele-3813R

S. Michele Blanchard
State Rep., District 76

Mark Wright

Mark Wright
State Rep., District 77


Reid Falconer
State Senate, District 11


Beth Mizell
State Senate, District 12


Lawrence Frieman
State Rep., District 74

Byron Armand_200x250

Byron Armand
Constable, Justice of the Peace, Ward 10
Ballot #102


Matthew King
Constable, Justice of the Peace, Ward 10
Ballot #104

Bryan Haggerty

Bryan Haggerty
City Judge, Slidell City Court


Floyd Trascher
Council Member District 9

Steve Stefancik

Steve Stefancik
Parish Council District 11


Jerry Binder
Council Member District 12

St. Tammany Parish
Chapter Leadership

Contact Information

PO. Box 1464
Mandeville, LA 70470-1464


Mike Oster

Cindy Fandal

Vice President
Michel Legrand

Judy Pellissier