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Our Mission

The purpose of the Alliance for Good Government is to foster, protect and promote the welfare and interest of the citizens of the State of Louisiana by bringing together thinking citizens into an organization to promote public policies which benefit the New Orleans Metropolitan area, the State of Louisiana and the United States of America. The purpose is also to research and inform the public on any issues that relate to taxes, bonds, amendments, etc. This will be done as part of the Alliance for Good Government’s endorsement process in each parish and voted on by each parish with the President’s supervision.


Once a member is accepted by the board of directors and stays active for six meetings, they may become an executive member. A member must pay his/her dues, attend monthly meetings and forums, participate in campaign activities organized on the behalf of endorsed candidate’s and assist in making the banquet a success.

For further information on membership contact the Chapter President for your area.


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Board of Directors Leadership

Tim Fandal


Executive Board Members

Vice Chairman
Bob Moffett

Nikki Smith

Member Coordinator
Don Pellissier

Board Member
Levon LeBan

Vice Chairman
Ramona Fernandez

Shannon Sims

Chapter Coordinator
Charley Imbornone

Board Member
Catherine Williams