Orleans Parish Chapter

Our Mission

The purpose of the Alliance for Good Government is to foster, protect and promote the welfare and interest of the citizens of the State of Louisiana by bringing together thinking citizens into an organization to promote public policies which benefit the New Orleans Metropolitan area, the State of Louisiana and the United States of America. The purpose is also to research and inform the public on any issues that relate to taxes, bonds, amendments, etc. This will be done as part of the Alliance for Good Government’s endorsement process in each parish and voted on by each parish with the President’s supervision.


Once a member is accepted by the board of directors and stays active for six meetings, they may become an executive member. A member must pay his/her dues, attend monthly meetings and forums, participate in campaign activities organized on the behalf of endorsed candidates and assist in making the banquet a success.

For further information on membership contact the Chapter President for your area.



Elections Update

The Orleans Chapter of The Alliance for Good Government encourages all registered voters to participate in the upcoming elections for political candidates seeking office in Orleans Parish.

Early Voting:
Sta Tuned for more info!

(Excluding Sundays)

Election Day:

Previously Endorsed Candidates

Orleans Parish

The Orleans Chapter of The Alliance for Good Government is proud to support the following candidates in the upcoming election. All registered voters are asked to consider the following candidate for good government:

Previously Endorsed Candidates: March 25, 2023 Election

David Jefferson Dye “Jeff” RGB

David Jefferson “Jeff” Dye
Judge, Orleans Civil District Court, Div. B
Ballot #8


Simone Levine RGB

Simone Levine
Judge, Orleans Criminal District Court, Section A
Ballot #11


Previously Endorsed Candidates

Headshot-Luke Mixon.Ballot09

“Luke” Mixon
U.S. Senator
Ballot #9


Troy A. Carter
U.S. Representative,
2nd Congressional District
Ballot #17

Headshot-Karen Herman.Ballot45-SM

Karen Herman
Judge, Court of Appeal
4th Circuit-at-Large
Ballot #45

Headshot-Mark Shea.Ballot60-SM

Mark Shea
Judge, Municipal
and Traffic Court, Div. D
Ballot #60

Headshot-Austin Badon.Ballot63-SM

Austin Badon
Clerk, 1st City Court
Ballot #63

Headshot-Leila Eames.Ballot65

Leila J. Eames
Orleans Parish School Board
District 1
Ballot #65

During the 2021 Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman - Photo Session held at the Green Screen Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. (Photo by J.R. Thomason  | Harlin Miller Photography  | (504) 875-0575)

Marlin N. Gusman
Sheriff, Orleans Parish
Ballot #4


Austin Badon
Clerk Criminal District Court
Ballot #8

Headshot- Errol Williams

Erroll Williams
Ballot #15

Headshot-Helena Moreno.31 v2

Helena Moreno
Councilmember At-Large Division 1
Ballot #31

JPMorrell Official Headshot v2

Jean-Paul “JP” Morrell
Councilmember At-Large Division 2
Ballot #36


Joseph “Joe” Giarrusso III
Councilmember, District A
Ballot #37

Headshot-Jay Banks.40

Jay H. Banks
Councilmember, District B
Ballot #40


Freddie King III
Councilmember, District C
Ballot #46


Eugene J. Green Jr.
Councilmember, District D
Ballot #57


Judge Piper Griffin
Associate Justice Supreme Court,
7th Supreme Court District
Ballot #49


Judge Omar Mason
Judge, Civil District Court,
Division E

Ballot #73

Orleans_Judge Chris Bruno_200x250

Judge Chris Bruno
Judge Civil District Court,
Division F
Ballot #74

Robin Giarrusso_200x250

Judge Robin Giarrusso
Judge Civil District Court, Division G
Ballot #77

Michael Hall_200x250

Michael “Mike” Hall
Judge Civil District Court,
Division I
Ballot #79

Orleans_Judge Bernadette D'Souza_200x250

Judge Bernadette D’Souza
Judge Civil Domestic,
Section 1
Ballot #83

Orleans_Judge Laurie White_200x250

Judge Laurie White
Judge Criminal District Court,
Section A
Ballot #86

Orleans_Graham Bosworth_200x250

Graham Bosworth
Judge, Criminal District Court,
Section D
Ballot #87

Rhonda Goode Douglas_200x250

Rhonda Goode-Douglas
Judge Criminal District Court,
Section E
Ballot #90

Nandi Campbell_200x250

Nandi F. Campbell
Judge, Criminal District Court,
Section G
Ballot #92

c.Gary Wainwright_200x250

Charles “Gary” Wainwright
Judge Criminal Dist. Court,
Section K
Ballot #96

Franz Zibilich_200x250

Judge Franz Zibilich
Judge Criminal District Court,
Section L
Ballot #98

Juana Marine Lombard_200x250

Juana Marine Lombard
Judge, Magistrate Section,
Criminal District Court
Ballot #99

Jason Williams_NEW_200x250

Jason Williams
District Attorney
Ballot #104

Clint Smith_200x250

Clinton “Clint” Smith
Judge, Juvenile Court,
Section A 

Ballot #107

Ranord Darensburg _200x250

Ranord Darensburg
Judge, Juvenile Court,
Section F
Ballot #109

Meghan Garvey_200x250

Meghan Garvey
Judge, Municipal and Traffic Court,
Division A
Ballot #113

John Brown Sr_200x250

John A. Brown, Sr.
Member of School Board,
District 1
Ballot #118

Ethan Ashley_NEW_200x250

Ethan Ashley
Member of School Board,
District 2
Ballot #120

Olin Parker_200x250

Olin Parker
Member of School Board,
District 3
Ballot #128

jc romero_200x250

J.C. Romero
School Board, District 4
Ballot # 130


Sarah Lewis
Judge, 1st City Court, Sec. B



Billy Nungesser
Lt. Governor


Gwen Collins-Greenup
Secretary of State

Grisela Jackson_200x250

Grisela A. Jackson
School Board, District 5

Ballot #133

Carlos Zervigon_200x250

Carlos Zervigon
School Board, District 6
Ballot #137

Nolan Marshall Jr_200x250

Nolan A. Marshall, Jr.
School Board, District 7
Ballot #140

John Schroder

John Schroder
State Treasurer

Mike Strain

Mike Strain
Commissioner of Agriculture

Jim Donelon

Jim Donelon
Insurance Commissioner


Hans Liljeberg
Assoc. Justice, Supreme Court,
1st District


Lee Price Barrios
Board of Elementary and
Secondary Education, District 1


Dr. Ashonta Wyatt
Board of Elementary and
Secondary Education, District 2

Joe Bouie

Dr. Joseph “Joe” Bouie
State Senate, District #3

Carling Dinkler

Carling Dinkler
State Rep., District 91

Hilferty HS

Stephanie Hilferty
State Rep., District 94

Ethan Ashley_NEW_200x250

Ethan Ashley
State Rep., District 97

Carlos Zervignon

Carlos Zervignon
State Rep., District 98

Jameel Shaheer

Jameel Shaheer
State Rep., District 99


Senator Troy A. Carter
U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District
Ballot #4

Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes
State Rep., District 100

Orleans Parish
Chapter Leadership

Contact Information


PO Box 58845
New Orleans, LA 70158



Dr. Levon A. LeBan

Greg Manion

Dr. Robert Dahmes

Vice President
Richard Hebert

David K. Groome

Board Members  

Atty. Daniel “Dan” Macnamara

Atty. Robert “Bob” Moffett

Shannon Sims